We Love Webcomics

A celebration of the art of webcomics

Aug 6 - Sep 10, 2011, Double Punch Gallery, San Francisco


Piximix is proud to present We Love Webcomics, a group art show celebrating the art of webcomics at the Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco. A wide assortment of popular webcomic artists will be providing prints and original art and merchandise for display and sale at this special event.

The world of comics is changing. In the past decade, the web has exploded with thousands upon thousands of comics in an absolutely staggering range of styles and subjects. Webcomics have created a rich new space for both artists and readers alike.

Whether it's a seasoned comic artist looking to take a chance on personal and experimental work or a new artist who simply wants to share their work with friends, the internet has lowered the barriers for comic publishing and allowed creators to release their work quickly and easily directly to readers. With this ease of publishing and unparalleled freedom of creative expression, the browser is quickly replacing the newspaper and publications as the source for the latest must-read comics. Add to that the ability for readers to spread their favorites like wildfire across the internet and you have a powerful environment for independent content to thrive.

It's an exciting time to be following comics and we're thrilled to be able to present such a talented and diverse selection of artists and their work in a unique gallery setting. Featured artists include John Allison (Scary Go Round, Bad Machinery), Scott Campbell (GREAT SHOWDOWNS, Double Fine Action Comics), Rebecca Clements (KinokoFry, Ruffle Hall), Audra Furuichi (nemu*nemu), Andy Ristaino (Skronked), Natasha Allegri (Pancake Pancake Pancake), Nathan Stapley (My Comic About Me), KC Green (Gunshow), Michael Jonathan (Eros Inc., Quail), Daniel M. Davis (Monster Commute), Sarah Sobole (Doctor Cat, Cat Ghost), and Kyle Hoyt (Appley Rotten, Pixipets).

Located within San Francisco's premier designer toy and character art destination, Double Punch, We Love Webcomics is a fun and compelling snapshot of the online comic scene.

For additional show information or to inquire about artist interviews or quotes, please contact Kyle Hoyt via email at [email protected].